New support system to help small businesses, including transitioning to online, announced

  BMO is set to launch a new support system to help small businesses across Canada, in both rural and urban areas, the company had announced The banking company has said they are looking to directly help businesses that are “acutely affected” by the pandemic. The system is also looking to support minority and women…

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Retail ecommerce to “evolve” as continued growth expected for final quarter 28 oct

  Experts have predicted that ecommerce in Canada will continue to grow, but at a slower pace through the end of this year and the start of 2021, with it expected to go down to 7.7% growth With the expected growth, reports suggest that ecommerce will continue evolving as companies experiment with new ways to…

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Canadian businesses turn to Google for ecommerce as product listing goes free with the search engine

  As Canadian ecommerce continues to strengthen in the absence of brick and mortar sales, Google has made its product listing free for companies, with the majority of results on the Google Shopping tab coming from free listings This comes as Google, like many companies, are trying to capitalize on the remarkable growth of ecommerce…

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Personalised and private adverts move one step closer with Google announcement

  Google has announced its “Privacy Sandbox” initiative, which will allow for more personalized adverts that do not require unique ID’s or individual cross site tracking This news comes as Google is also ending support for 3rd part cookies by 2022. This comes as Google, along with several other social media companies are facing intense…

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Canada United announces positive results in small business ecommerce movement

  The Royal Bank of Canada has announced the results of the Canada United scheme, designed to help local and small businesses during the pandemic by offering support and tools to help set up for ecommerce Raising C$14 million for the Canada United Small Business Relief Fund, it will be distributed to businesses to help…

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