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From growing your brand, to increasing traffic to your website, or generating leads and sales, Instagram is the perfect advertising platform to accomplish this, helping you achieve your marketing goals. As Instagram is part of Facebook, a suite of advanced resources and tools are available which can help your business grow and expand.

Based in Toronto, we are specialists in Instagram advertising and we know how to get the most out of what the platform can bring to your business. Be the business be small or large, Instagram can be the ideal place to reach your audience like never before.

Why is Instagram Advertising Important?

To stand out amongst your competitors, you need a social media presence. However, with so many different social media platforms out there, it presents a challenge of knowing if to use all of them, or a select few, and then mastering how to market and advertise on each platform. This is where the importance of advertising agencies comes in.

As a social media advertising agency, we have the expertise to help raise your brand presence to the next level, including on Instagram. If you have yet to get started advertising on Instagram, then it might be time to start. With Instagram ads, users interact and make product purchases through the ads that are relevant and targeted to them. Advertising through Instagram can ultimately boost traffic and increase conversions when correctly used.

Promote Your Business with an Instagram Advertising Company

Want to be able to get your business in front of a large audience, to be able to promote it on a larger stage? Then Instagram is where you need to be. With fantastic posts, an optimized profile and well thought out promotion, your business can grow online.

Our dedicated social media experts can help create the best engaging visual content campaigns to reach your goal, whilst taking a thorough look at your strategy.

Our Process for Instagram Ads

Understanding your brand and goals
After our digital marketers have established an understanding of your brand and the goals you have, we use every piece of relevant detail to create a custom-made Instagram strategy.

Build Instagram ad campaigns
We build from the strategy by developing an Instagram ad campaign that is tailored for your business goals. We split test ads, as well as optimising campaigns that get the desired results.

Monitor your ads
Once your campaign is up and running, we keep a constant eye on them to make sure that they are efficient. By monitoring, it helps educate us when making crucial decisions, allowing for you to get the most from your ad budget.

Offer real-time reporting
Get real-time reports from our marketing experts, showing you the progress of the campaign and helping you make decisions with metrics such as clicks, reach, impressions, conversion rates and more.

Why Hiring an Instagram Ads Agency Is the Right Move

To run a successful ad campaign on Instagram by yourself, you need to invest a great amount of time into understanding how its advertising features work. With an Instagram advertising agency working with you though, you avoid all the hassle and save time as an expert team of professionals handles your ad campaigns for you. Working with an Instagram advertising agency also means that instead of having to work out every part of an ad campaigns and not knowing about the result, you can sit back knowing that your campaign is in the hands of professionals who have the best chances of bringing the greatest success, such as increased web traffic, conversions and improved brand awareness.

Our Difference

Audience Targeting

Reach your audience with powerful audience targeting features on Instagram. The platform’s suite of tools allows you to target users who follow similar pages as your followers and effectively engage them.

Instagram Advertising Strategy

Taking into account your business goals and media spend for Instagram, we develop an Instagram Advertising Strategy that will maximise visibility, clicks and ROI, as well as creating a strategic plan for campaigns.

Build Instagram Ad Campaigns

Using the strategy as a foundation, we then create Instagram ad campaigns that are tailored to fit your business objectives. We optimise campaigns and split test ads to get the desired results.

Transparent Reporting

Tracking clicks, engagements, brand impressions, sales performance, cost and return on ad spend, our Instagram Advertising report provides the information needed, providing actionable insights as well as helping inform on what needs to be done next to further enhance performance.

Results Driven Approach

Results are what you want to see and we are on the same page. At DMX, our Instagram advertising services can help raise your brand presence to new levels. Our experts are skilled in creating custom campaigns and implementing them, helping you reach your desired goals.

Get In Touch

Every story is unique and we would love to hear yours, from your business to discussing some initial ideas. After we have had a chance to talk and gain a good idea of what you are aiming for, we will get back to you with a quote.
Do You Have Questions?

Are dynamic Facebook ads different from standard ads

Visually, they look the same. Their creation is different. Standard ads are created with copy and images that you choose. Dynamic Facebook ads automatically draw on images of products and shop inventory, and display those items to potential customers on Facebook who have shown interest through their browsing behaviour.

How much Facebook ad budget do I need?

Facebook ad campaigns use reach and frequency to help you set your budget. Depending on your goals for your customers, you may wish to invest more or less for a specific timeframe. The beauty of a Facebook ad budget is that you will never go over the limit you set.

What is a Facebook pixel

A Facebook pixel is a piece of code placed on your website or sales pages that tracks the events of potential and existing customers who visit your site. This data helps build an audience, and even a custom lookalike audience so you reach the right people with the right information.

Instagram Ads

Whether you want to grow your brand, drive people to your website, generate leads or get sales, Instagram has become one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet and can help you achieve all your marketing goals.

LinkedIn Ads

Ads in the LinkedIn news feed, via the InMail service, and on the top and right-hand column on LinkedIn can be highly targeted and effective at generating leads, building brand awareness, and increasing engagement.

YouTube Advertising

Promote your videos on the largest video hosting platform on the internet. Increase your views and engagement at a cost-effective price.

Google Ads

Google Ad Experts create campaigns that convert and focus on the metrics that matter most to your business. Using our expertise and best practice we will achieve winning results.

Content Marketing

A lot of our content writers go on to become SEO experts. We’ll study your industry, learn your business, then deploy the best damn content you’ve ever read!


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