Landing Pages

A Landing Page can often be a consumer’s first real interaction with your brand and you want to make sure that it is not only a positive one, but one that results in a conversion, moving a potential customer further down the sales funnel. We can help you get the Landing Pages that not only stand out, but can engage, bringing in a high conversion rate.

Pay-Per-Click Landing Pages

Once your potential retail customers click through your pay-per-click ads, they must land on an effective landing page for you to convert them. A conversion occurs when a visitor to your landing page takes the desired action you want, such as a purchase, download, phone call or filling out a form. At Digital Marketing Experts we ensure you have high conversion rates by developing strategies through the following;

  • Writing persuasive copy
  • Designing neat and easy-to-read landing pages
  • Include relevant and prominent call to actions
  • Remove elements that may distract eye path from flow toward the goal
  • Setting up split A-B testing landing pages
  • Use of your logos and color to highlight your brand.
  • Including form capture on the landing page and notification when submitted
  • Measuring the actual number of contacts coming from the landing page
  • Track key performance on all pages and constantly testing the landing pages
  • Optimize the PPC landing pages for improved natural search

A great landing page always includes the above listed aspects. Adopting these tactics will keep your potential clients involved and prompt them to take the desired action you choose. To create great landing pages that meet your business objectives, Contact us

Our Difference

Landing page design that get results

From trying to fix a landing page that is poorly designed and has created a high bounce rate, to not having a landing page to begin with, whatever problem you are dealing with we are here to help fix it and achieve the results that you and your business need.

Precise and efficient audience-building

Creating a landing page is about simplicity and getting the results you need. From our first consultation, we will find out your ideal audience and will analyse the best and most efficient methods to convert them via your landing page.

Fast Turnaround

Landing pages do not require immense amounts of coding, in fact very little. This means that the focus can be on the design being exactly right. In a two week period start to finish, they can be generated quickly and efficiently.

Real and genuine support

Your landing page design was built and is run by real people. They know your business and the goals you are aiming for. If you have questions, if you want to add more landing pages or increase the amount of conversion forms, you know there is a real person ready to help at the other end of the phone call, looking to get you moving to success.

Specialist Agency

DMX Marketing offers landing pages that bring in high conversion rates and sales funnels which are designed to increase your digital marketing impact. Drive leads, downloads and sales higher, all whilst keeping your ad budget the same.

Get In Touch

Every story is unique and we would love to hear yours, from your business to discussing some initial ideas. After we have had a chance to talk and gain a good idea of what you are aiming for, we will get back to you with a quote.
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