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Facebook ads can significantly increase your visibility, drive up sales and help grow your business, but to do this you need the knowledge and experience to get the most out of your Facebook ad spend and the ad platform. Facebook ads are not the sort you can set up and leave. They require careful and precise strategy and testing, which helps find the best commendation of content, targeting, creative design and budget to engage with your audience and result in a successful advertising campaign.

Grow Your Brand With Facebook Ads

When looking for a Facebook advertising agency, you want one that has the expertise to bring you fantastic results, with a record of driving the best results for businesses.

At DMX, we have a talented team of creative designers and social media experts who can develop, implement and refine effective Facebook ad campaigns that can meet the goals of your business, as we have done for many clients before.

Working from the goals unique to your company, we choose which ad format works best for your business and begin designing ads that will appeal to the ideal potential customers, using accurate audience targeting to make sure each ad gets to the right audience. Throughout this process, we continually monitor and analyse each success, testing different ad elements, so that we can optimize the performance and drive growth further.

Increase Sales With Our Facebook Marketing Agency

At DMX, we hold experience and knowledge with Facebook advertising, with a record of being able to help businesses achieve their goals and reach higher results than they had managed before. We work to develop creative and detailed Facebook ads that can accurately reach the ideal potential customers and engage them, whilst also using Facebook retargeting, which lets your company reach out to people who have shown interest in your brand, giving you another opportunity to gain a customer. We also utilize Facebook’s Audience Insights feature to give us a greater understanding of the target audience and better connect people who would love to know about your business.

Let Facebook Advertising generate High Quality Leads

If you want to generate more leads, downloads, customers and sales, Facebook ads is where you need to be. Facebook holds over 2 billion users around the world, providing an opportunity for your business to accurately target your desired audience, whatever the size of your budget. Once you choose the audience you are aiming for, we make sure to deliver your ads right to the most relevant audience who are most likely to convert.

We are here to help you achieve the results you’re looking for, from reaching out to find new customers, to drawing in potential customers who have shown interest before. Whatever your goal, we are ready to provide our professional and expert abilities to see you reach higher than before with Facebook ads.

Our Facebook Markerting Services

As a Facebook advertising agency, we specialise in helping businesses flourish by optimising and managing their Facebook ads account on a long-term basis. Our services for our Facebook ad agency include:
– Facebook Strategy
– Facebook Audits
– Facebook Planning
– Facebook Outsourcing
– Facebook Management
– Facebook Reporting

The Agency You Need For Facebook Ad Management

We create, refine and manage pay-per-click Facebook campaigns across a variety of marketing budgets. We are able to adjust our Facebook ad pricing based on your budget, all you need to do is to get in touch and we will give you a quote.

Flexible Budgets
Invest as much as you want to. Start with a daily budget that matches what you are comfortable with and then adjust as you go.

We want you to always be in the know when it comes to your Facebook ads, so we look to be transparent at all times. We show you how many people are seeing your adverts, the percentage who are clicking through to your websites and how many sales you are seeing thanks to your Facebook ads.

Locally or Globally
Wherever your audience may be, we can accurately target ads to your customers, be it in specific countries, regions, provinces, cities or a set distance from your company/store/business.

Our Difference

Creative Design

We provide guidance on which ad formats will be most effective at meeting your goals, as well as our creative ad development services to help ensure that each Facebook ad makes exactly the right connection with your ideal potential customers.

Advanced Targeting

Without using Facebook’s ad targeting features, you are missing the ideal audience you want to aim for. That means you are wasting both the time and money your company has put in on consumers who are not the best fit for your business.

Full Service Agency

To get the most out of Facebook advertising and to really drive results, you need an advertising agency that knows every ins and outs of the social media platform. At DMX, our expert Facebook marketing services are here to scale up and see your business grow on social media.

Measurable Results

Advertising on Facebook already, but you are looking for help with implementing the best practices to increase your ROI and the day-to-day management? From getting the best return for your investment to making sure your social media presence runs smoothly, we are focused on making sure you get the most out of your social media.

Dedicated Expert

DMX is an expert Facebook advertising agency, with a dedicated team of creative designers and social media experts, who have the knowledge and experience to create, develop and implement effective Facebook ad campaigns that will make your business stand out from the rest.

Get In Touch

Every story is unique and we would love to hear yours, from your business to discussing some initial ideas. After we have had a chance to talk and gain a good idea of what you are aiming for, we will get back to you with a quote.
Do You Have Questions?

Are dynamic Facebook ads different from standard ads

Visually, they look the same. Their creation is different. Standard ads are created with copy and images that you choose. Dynamic Facebook ads automatically draw on images of products and shop inventory, and display those items to potential customers on Facebook who have shown interest through their browsing behaviour.

How much Facebook ad budget do I need?

Facebook ad campaigns use reach and frequency to help you set your budget. Depending on your goals for your customers, you may wish to invest more or less for a specific timeframe. The beauty of a Facebook ad budget is that you will never go over the limit you set.

What is a Facebook pixel

A Facebook pixel is a piece of code placed on your website or sales pages that tracks the events of potential and existing customers who visit your site. This data helps build an audience, and even a custom lookalike audience so you reach the right people with the right information.

Instagram Ads

Whether you want to grow your brand, drive people to your website, generate leads or get sales, Instagram has become one of the most powerful advertising platforms on the planet and can help you achieve all your marketing goals.

LinkedIn Ads

Ads in the LinkedIn news feed, via the InMail service, and on the top and right-hand column on LinkedIn can be highly targeted and effective at generating leads, building brand awareness, and increasing engagement.

YouTube Advertising

Promote your videos on the largest video hosting platform on the internet. Increase your views and engagement at a cost-effective price.

Google Ads

Google Ad Experts create campaigns that convert and focus on the metrics that matter most to your business. Using our expertise and best practice we will achieve winning results.

Content Marketing

A lot of our content writers go on to become SEO experts. We’ll study your industry, learn your business, then deploy the best damn content you’ve ever read!


Our retargeting agency delivers successful campaigns using careful strategy, technical proficiency, precise messaging and persuasive ad design.
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