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Youtube is massive, being the second most popular search engine in the world behind Google. Users watch, review, evaluate and upload everyday on YouTube from across the globe and so can you and your business. With over 800 million active community members, the platform is a fantastic medium for promoting brands, services and products.

Reach your Audience with a Youtube Advertising Agency

Able to connect with potential customers through one-to-one communication, video ads are about using factors such as interests, location and more to choose who you want to see your video. They will then appear next to or before search results or related videos.

Youtube reaches extremely far and wide, providing massive opportunity and potential for connecting your business with your target audience, able to engage them and allowing them to really see your brand.

Hit Each Target With Youtube Advertising

Youtube can allow your company to easily reach your target audience, through a range of ad formats and targeting options. Though for it to work, you need to choose the YouTube ad targeting option right for the job.

Video campaigns on Google and Youtube video partners allows you to reach people at the right time, advertising at moments that really matter. There is a large variety of methods for targeting available, like interests, placements, remarketing lists and demographic groups, which can reach niche or specific audiences from what content they are viewing, who they are or what they are interested in.

Reaching people who hold interests relevant or related to your business means that your YouTube ads are more likely to appeal to them and get their attention. With YouTube, you can also target your ads for videos people are watching and how relevant it is to your ad.

What’s included in Our Youtube Ads Services

Youtube Strategy
We will help work with you to develop a video marketing strategy using our Strategy Blueprint that will be highly effective.

Youtube Optimization
Working alongside YouTube Certified Experts, optimize and manage your videos so you can achieve the best organic reach possible.

Youtube Advertising
Able to connect you with your target customers, as well as generate leads at scale, we run Youtube Ad campaigns that can accomplish this.

Influencer Marketing
We work alongside Influencers to leverage their audiences trust and ability to create great content to help generate sales for you.

Build a Brand with our Youtube Advertising Service

Too often is video advertising overlooked by businesses, despite how powerful it really is. All businesses could benefit from promoting their services and products on YouTube, as it can really deliver the results people look for when implemented correctly.

When you work with DMX we add a dash of fantastic marketing and when you see the results, you will be asking yourself why you didn’t try YouTube ads a long time ago.

Do You Have Questions?

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads, (previously Google AdWords) is Google’s advertising platform where advertisers bid on keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear on Google’s search engine results page (SERPs).

This is the process of identifying keywords that are then mapped to a page on your site (landing page).

Your ad position in Google is determined by a number of factors such as maximum bid and quality score.

When your ad is clicked you are charged, but no more than your max bid.

How to get your free Google Ads Audit?

For us to diagnose your current Google AdWords account, Kindly provide us your 10 Digit Customer ID and we will then send a request to gain access. We may have to contact you for further information. If not we will be sending you an audit summary of what can be improved for your campaign.

Display Ads

Display Ads are a great way to increase brand awareness. These ads appear on the Google Display Network – reach people when they’re on a favourite website, watching a video on You Tube, or even checking their Gmail account . I will create custom display ads with balanced content to attract viewers.

Google Shopping

A Google shopping campaign allows your product’s image and price to show up on search pages for certain keywords (and Google search partner sites). Sell your products to the shoppers who matter most to you.

Youtube Ads

Promote your videos on the largest video hosting platform on the internet. Increase your views and engagement at a cost-effective price.

Facebook Marketing

We utilise Facebook’s precise interest & demographic targeting to find the best audience who are likely to convert. We also use Facebook Pixel data to dynamically show ads.


Our retargeting agency delivers successful campaigns using careful strategy, technical proficiency, precise messaging and persuasive ad design.


Custom SEO services that fit your unique business needs. Our expert SEO company professionals will help.
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