Lisa Montenegro

President and Founder of Digital Marketing Experts – DMX Marketing.

With a Masters Degree in Social Work, Lisa began her career as a helping professional. Very early on however, Lisa’s entrepreneurial spirit and furthered education in MBA courses revealed a deep passion for Marketing and in 2011 Digital Marketing Experts, now DMX Marketing Inc was born.

Lisa is a firm believer in the strengths of education, both in personal development and helping better expand client knowledge. From teaching and consulting companies and brands, to public speaking, Lisa uses this ethos of education to not only help provide a better level of understanding for clients, but to build a strong working relationship, ensuring a successful digital campaign and the best outcome for all sides in each and every project.

With expertise and qualification in all areas of Google Advertising and an extensive knowledge of the digital marketing landscape, in 2015 Lisa was the first woman in North America to be invited to and complete the Google Partnership Business Coaching Program for Agency Owners. In 2016 Lisa was invited to the Forbes Agency Council, with active ongoing published contributions to the digital landscape. With her expertise, Lisa has helped businesses across a wide variety of industries to become established online, growing each brand’s digital presence and consulting on how to navigate the world of social media.

From crafting and optimising your brand’s social media, to delivering the digital marketing plan to achieve the goals you want, Lisa has the knowledge and skills to help.

Our Team

Our Team


Parvez Pathan

More than 10+ years of experience, his proficiency in Web, eCommerce, Paid ads, SEO and project management ensures the execution of highly successful campaigns, where he combines strategic acumen with innovative approaches for outstanding outcomes


Rohit Chavan

With an impressive 6+ years in web development, Rohit Chavan is a seasoned expert developer at crafting dynamic digital solutions. His proficiency extends across WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, and PHP, showcasing a versatile skill set.


Kirk R Harding

An innovative senior leader with extensive experience in sales, marketing, and finance, Kirk is renowned for driving growth for iconic brands such as Nike, Hershey, Yamaha, and Suzuki. Joining DMX Marketing in 2023, he’s known for his strategic vision and collaborative approach, dedicating his time to driving meaningful results and fostering lasting relationships in every endeavor.


Sohel Desai

Bringing over 4 years of expertise to the realm of digital marketing, Sohel Desai is a seasoned professional with a focus on SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Ads, and Shopping Ads. His strategic acumen helped optimizing online visibility and engagement.


Nicholas “Nick” Maiurro

With an advanced degree in Visual and Creative Arts and a degree in Advertising and Graphic Design, Nick joined DMX Marketing in 2023. Considered a “Digital Marketing Consultant” he specializes in the vast world of social media, running the online accounts for multiple clients while creating static and dynamic content.


Clara Lee

A creative communications expert who Graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in teaching and posseses extensive Customer Service experience. Clara is a team leader who loves to establish collaborative relationships to help provide an all encompassing experience. It brings her joy to help create a masterpiece that her clients appreciate! Her warmth and calmness are inviting and such an asset. She looks forward to meeting with you and assisting you on all your endeavours!

Why DMX Marketing

At DMX, we know that great design, search engine positioning or the newest technology is not enough to effectively maximize the power of the internet today. Through the strength of our network of creative, analytical, technical and business minds, we focus on delivering true online marketing business solutions, rather than simply creating websites.

In reality, websites are just the beginning – our goal is creating an ongoing business relationship with you. DMX services will deliver far more value to your business and help you to achieve a real return on your website investment as we develop a long-term partnership.

Convert More Traffic

It’s all about REAL customer engagement! Engaged customers are happy; happy customers are loyal and generate more revenue for your company. Now who doesn’t want that?

Affordable e-Commerce

Be more profitable! Sell your products, services, documents and more online; e-Commerce represents one of today’s greatest opportunities to grow your business.

Free Website Audit

Let us run a full analysis and tell you exactly what Search Engines see when they go to your website. Contact Us for a complimentary website check.

Web & Micro Sites

Your website is your most effective marketing tool! We’ve been developing professional websites for more than a decade. Let DMX help you build, remodel and maintain your biggest asset.

Build Your Brand

Let your website visitors know immediately what you do and why they should care. Propel your organization ahead of the competition now!

Mobile Marketing

With usage growing 58% year over year, smart devices are driving a fundamental shift in business growth through their unique capabilities. If your business isn’t on the mobile marketing bandwagon yet, you better get on.


At DMX Marketing Your Website is just the Beginning! What sets us apart from other Agencies is our use of DMX Consultants.

Digital Marketing is much more than just selling products and services online with a website. DMX Consultants have specialized tools at their disposal and can offer you a variety of solutions tailored specifically for your business. These Internet Solutions can include technologies that make your day-to-day processes more efficient, saving you money on operational expenses, better sales and customer management options and affordable marketing services.

DMX Consultants may not be what you’ve come to expect when you think of Online Marketing “experts”, particularly if you’ve been approached by other Web Developers in the past. Not restricted to technology geeks, they come from a variety of backgrounds across many industries including engineering, health & wellness, business, franchise & retail, giving you the benefit of their own business experience in addition to their Internet knowledge. Our DMX network combines business & marketing executives, website design & development professionals, social media design, optimization and content specialists, and search engine & analytics experts, enabling us to develop integrated strategies that make the most effective use of your marketing dollars. We are also Google Partners, with a Google certified team. We know that great design, search engine position or even the newest technology, alone, will not be enough to effectively maximize the power of the internet. It is through the combined strength of the DMX network of creative, analytical, technical and business minds that can best ensure success. That’s an important distinction between DMX and traditional Web Designers, as we focus on delivering true online marketing business solutions, rather than simply creating websites.

Another big difference that sets our Consultants apart from traditional Web Design professionals is our goal of creating an ongoing business relationship with you. It’s almost common practice in this industry for a firm to design a website for a client and then move on to new business, never looking back. This may work well for the Web Design firm, but it certainly doesn’t work well for you. In reality, websites are just the beginning – DMX services will deliver far more value to your business and help you to achieve a real return on your website investment as you build a profitable long-term partnership.

Community Managers

One of the unique offerings of DMX Marketing is it’s DMX Social Programs or in the alternative, using full Service Digital Marketing Experts Community Managers to manage your Social Media!

Community Managers have the exclusive role of managing your businesses social media accounts while posing as if it is you, your business posting on it’s own behalf! Our greatest compliment is when you tell us we represent you better than you would have yourself!

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started with one of our Community Managers and take your Social to the Next Level!

Google Partner Agency

At DMX Marketing we believe in forming the right partnerships to ensure that our customers get the best ROI out of their marketing campaigns possible! Who better to partner with than Google? We are not just a partnership in image, we take our relationship with Google very seriously.

Google has been instrumental in understanding that Micro Moments are what make up todays world. Our lives are now complimented by computers, tablets and smartphones. It is typical to see in any household members of the family multi-screening with perhaps watching tv, while surfing the internet on their laptop, and checking into things as well on their phones. With the advent of smartphones, everyone has a mini-computer with them at all times. Imagine, the average person checks their phone 150+ times a day! Imagine the potential advertising/buying power of that statistic. To learn a little bit more about these micro-moments, take a look at this video here:

For a true understanding of the value of working with a Google Partner Agency such as DMX Marketing please see here

Here at DMX Marketing we are able to guarantee that our customers Google Campaigns will be the best optimized campaigns possible!


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