Logo Design

The identity of your brand begins with your logo! From starting from scratch to redesign services, we can create the custom logo that fits your business and utilise print and digital branding campaigns to increase awareness and knowledge of your brand.

A logo that will Attract Your Audience

The right design attracts the eye and draws in the customers you are looking for. A fantastic logo design can capture the imagination and attention of any potential viewers and help move them further towards engaging with your brand, driving growth and increasing sales!

Your logo Speaks a Thousand Words

Your logo can tell someone a lot about your business! From distinguishing you from the competition, to acting as your calling card, your logo goes a long way and displays your brand identity. Present on your website, to products, to packaging, brochures and business cards, your logo needs to be one that clearly tells who you are to potential customers, letting them know what you offer and why they should choose you.

Logo Design

We live in an ultra-competitive world, especially within the retail and digital realm. Your logo design must be able to separate your brand from the competition. A great logo design reflects who you are visually, and what you offer, but it must also distinguish your brand from the others. A great logo design is able to achieve this balance and help your brand stand-out amongst the rest!

Brochure Design

No task is out of our scope here at DMX Marketing, as our dynamic brochure design team have experience designing and developing custom brochures and effective marketing solutions for a myriad of unique industries. From local clients here in Toronto, to many others across Canada and abroad, at Little Dragon Media, your company is in great and experienced hands.

Flyer Design

Flyers, catalogues and booklets are important tools of any marketing campaign.
The design of a Flyer or catalogue influences the buying decisions of your customers and convinces them to choose your company’s service or product over your competitors.
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