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Tablet advertising drops dramatically as strategies shift amid falling sales

  Advertising on tablet devices has dropped, going from a 5% growth in the 3rd quarter last year to a 22% decrease at the start of 2020 The statistics, collected by Tinuti advertisers, show that the decrease has only escalated since March of this year, going down to a 45% decrease in the 2nd and…

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Online shopping set to break record in 2020, according to new data

Statistics Canada’s new data shows that ecommerce doubled between February and May of this year, though growth has slowed since reaching CA$4 billion in May Despite slowing, it is still estimated to beat 2019’s total ecommerce sales of $305 billion. This figure includes business-to-business sales as well as retail purchases Last year, online sales made…

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“Ecommerce will save small businesses” says Spotify VP of product

  Writing in Toronto Life, Satish Kanwar, vice-president of product for Spotify said that ecommerce is the best chance for small businesses not just to stay alive, but to also improve how they serve customers “Since the onset of lockdown, we’ve seen a decade’s worth of e-commerce growth happen in a few short months, as…

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Hamilton’s brick and mortar business shift to ecommerce scheme

  Business across the city have joined up to, a ecommerce platforms that allows stores from around Hamilton to sell online. Many traditional brick and mortar business had struggled due to effects of Covid-19. The scheme is aiming to boost trade and keep stores connected with customers. Created by and, the free…

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“We discovered being Canadian helps” Ebook seller Rakuten Kobo points international success to home

  Michael Tamblyn, president and chief executive officer of Kobo said that the company has benefitted selling online to an international market from being a Canadian company “We leveraged being Canadian as a way to international success” the CEO said, when talking about the company’s choice to market internationally then just focus on Canada and…

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