Native Advertising & Content Discovery

Grow your authority and revenue as you engage your audience

Fantastic content wows people. Though first you need them to be interested to watch it. That’s where content discovery comes in.

It connects your audience with content tailored to their interests, in multiple languages and across different devices. To make sure that advertisements are integrated alongside high quality content in a way that does not feel invasive, native advertising is used, allowing for immersive experiences for users, all while building brand trust and driving click-through rates and sales. Through native advertising, we can help your business reach your intended customers and engage them through the content they like.

Content Discovery Advertising

Designed to display content in front of the targeted audience, a content discovery platform can drive traffic and increase engagement. You have most likely seen content discovery engines in action without noticing. Have you ever been reading a news article and at the end it presents you with a series of tiles saying “Recommended for you”? That is a content discovery tool in action, which takes the form of native advertising. The big bonus with a content discovery platform is that you avoid the annoying pop-up ads, as well as other intrusive means of advertising for your original content.

Reach & Educate

Unable to reach the audience you want, despite having great, informative content? We are here to help you get the visibility you need with precision and speed, helping your audience find your content, all done quickly and with ease as they search online. Native advertising takes your high-quality content and integrates it into adverts without being invasive, allowing for an immersive user-experience to be kept, all while building trust, improving brand awareness and increasing the click-through rates and sales.

We have experience and proficiency with native advertising, helping businesses to reach and better engage with the ideal customer base through the content they best connect with. Our intelligent marketing tactics deliver the results that our clients look for and as we work together, we learn about your business to develop the best content advertising strategy to help boost your business.

Brand Trust & Conversion

Establishing trust between your brand and the customer is key to your success. For that to happen, you need content that calls to consumers, so knowing what to publish is important. Content discovery platforms, such as Taboola and Outbrain can help fill in the information gaps to help you publish more content.

However, it is important to note the difference between native advertising and content discovery platforms. Articles that Taboola and Outbrain recommend are not paid ads hidden as editorial content. Instead, they exchange information between consumers, brands and publishers to help create content. We also use innovative and precise tracking capabilities that give us clear insights about each campaign.

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