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Google Shopping is an amazing way to drive revenue for e-commerce retailers. A comparison engine, the platform shows potential customers your inventory on a variety of Google sites, including Google search, Gmail and Youtube. Displaying a range of important information including product images, promotions, delivery costs and prices, it lets user know about your products.

Using our own granular and data-driven approach for Google Shopping campaigns, which uses a combination of in-depth customer insight and business data, like product margin, promotional ranges and stock levels, which guides our results-orientated strategies.

Smarter Shopping, Smarter Campaigns

The modern day shopper can purchase any time, on a range of devices and platforms, online and offline, 24/7. You want your products in the right place, so when someone searches for a product you sell, be it on mobile out and about, or at home with a laptop, they see what you offer. To do that, you need a Smart Shopping campaign.

Smart Shopping campaigns show your products across Google’s properties, meaning they can reach users whenever they search, wherever they are searching.

What’s Included In Our Google Shopping Service?

Using our own highly developed management platform, your Google Shopping campaign is in safe hands, as it allows us to optimize and control each and every aspect, as well as enabling our Google qualified teams to be focused on beginning in the performance targets you are looking for.

Shopping Campaign Management
We look to improve your shopping campaign ROI with our campaign management service. We do this by utilizing data-driven targeting, persona-based modelling and intelligent bidding, so that you stay well ahead of your competition.

Product Feed Optimisation
A major foundation of a great Google Shopping campaign is having a product feed that is optimised.

Reporting & Insights
With optimisation techniques that will bring higher visibility, we monitor your Google Shopping campaign continually, fine-tuning and maintaining, providing an effective allocation from your overall budget.

Merchant Centre Setup & Management
From creating and setting up the merchant centre, to helping with warnings and disapprovals, we offer to help manage this vital aspect of your campaign, its set up and performance, so you know that your ads will be displayed correctly.

Google Shopping Campaign Services

You want to get your products in front of potential customers and the best way to do this for an ecommerce business is with Google Shopping campaigns, also known as product listing ads. Google Shopping is both versatile and powerful, offering a range of campaign options, able to achieve specific goals and objectives, such as higher sales volume, to promoting new discounts and sales.

Whilst appearing simple at first glance, Google Shopping campaigns, in today’s competitive marketplace, are not going to be successful if you merely follow the standard best practices. This means you won’t help you maximize your ad spend return, so working with an agency that has in-depth Google Shopping experience is the best way to make sure you are not losing out on potential revenue.

As a Google Premier Partner, a special certification held only by a few select advertising agencies who have repeatedly and consistently demonstrated achieving the very best results with Google Ad campaigns, DMX is well versed and skilled in the field. And we want to work with you to see you succeed too.

Do You Have Questions?

How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads, (previously Google AdWords) is Google’s advertising platform where advertisers bid on keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear on Google’s search engine results page (SERPs).

This is the process of identifying keywords that are then mapped to a page on your site (landing page).

Your ad position in Google is determined by a number of factors such as maximum bid and quality score.

When your ad is clicked you are charged, but no more than your max bid.

How to get your free Google Ads Audit?

For us to diagnose your current Google AdWords account, Kindly provide us your 10 Digit Customer ID and we will then send a request to gain access. We may have to contact you for further information. If not we will be sending you an audit summary of what can be improved for your campaign.

Display Ads

Display Ads are a great way to increase brand awareness. These ads appear on the Google Display Network – reach people when they’re on a favourite website, watching a video on You Tube, or even checking their Gmail account . I will create custom display ads with balanced content to attract viewers.

Google Shopping

A Google shopping campaign allows your product’s image and price to show up on search pages for certain keywords (and Google search partner sites). Sell your products to the shoppers who matter most to you.

Youtube Ads

Promote your videos on the largest video hosting platform on the internet. Increase your views and engagement at a cost-effective price.

Facebook Marketing

We utilise Facebook’s precise interest & demographic targeting to find the best audience who are likely to convert. We also use Facebook Pixel data to dynamically show ads.


Our retargeting agency delivers successful campaigns using careful strategy, technical proficiency, precise messaging and persuasive ad design.


Custom SEO services that fit your unique business needs. Our expert SEO company professionals will help.
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