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Your digital business identity, the domain name you have is important when establishing your brand online and finding the right one can be a vital task. Search for the perfect domain name that fits your business with a large range of extensions.

What We Do

Finding the right domain and managing it is a major part of your online business. At DMX, we are here to help, regardless of if you already have a domain or a newbie to all of this.

We Select a Domain Right for You – Your domain should reflect your business. Talk to us and we will help select the best domain for you, guaranteed to bring the customers you want.

Manage Domain – Using intuitive and powerful tools, manage your DNS and domain.

Connect Domain – Connecting your domain name should be all about ease, not difficulty. We make sure you can connect to the services that matter the most to you.

Transfer Domain – Already have a domain name? It can be easily transferred across with ease, keeping everything in one place.

Your Domain is Everything

The domain name you choose is your internet equivalent of a home address. While it may not be the only factor that affects the success of your site, there are many reasons why it is important to be careful when choosing a domain name:

A memorable and unique name is far more likely to be remembered by visitors, encouraging them to return.

The domain name you choose can inform new visitors and search engine users about what your site is all about.

They have an impact on your ranking in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Altering your domain name once you have created your site can often lead to complications which are time-consuming.


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Registering your domain is the gateway to your presence in digital world. It defines your path for your customers to access you.
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