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Sobeys to have C$2.1 million investment over next 3 years to expand ecommerce and renovate stores

  Sobeys parent company, Empire Company Ltd, will invest the money to grow its ecommerce business as it looks to drive up C$500 million in earnings The company plan, dubbed ‘Project Horizon’, was set to be announced in May, but was put on hold and adjusted due to effects if the pandemic and the steep…

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Unilever sees 49% rise in ecommerce sales for 2020

The company has announced the figure amidst a change in customer shopping habits during Covid-19 lockdown. Unilever has said its performance shows the companies “strength and agility” The turnover of the company for the first 6 months of 2020 stands at €25.7 million (C$42.4 million), down 1.6% from last year The company, which owns brands…

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Mastercard and Microsoft join forces as they look for ‘the future of digital commerce’

The two companies have agreed to a partnership as they look to research, develop and scale new business models and technologies Mastercard Labs, the companies research and tech division has said it will allow them to accelerate its cloud-native researchwith the aim of “de-risking and commercialising emerging technologies and platforms for digital commerce” The focus…

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