Email marketing needs to be optimised for mobile users to help engage customers | DMX Marketing Experts

Email marketing needs to be optimised for mobile users to help engage customers

Email marketing is an extremely useful and effective way to engage with you audience. Personalised newsletters talking about new offers, products and updates with the brand is a great way to engage you existing customer base. However, more and more people are checking their emails with a mobile device then a desktop, with Wolfgang Digital’s…

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With email marketing, personalisation matters for the recipients | DMX Marketing Experts

With email marketing, personalisation matters for the recipients

Email marketing remains a successful way to connect with your audience, especially in 2021. However, even the smallest touches of personalisation help better engage recipients and establish a stronger connection. Statistics by Campaign Monitor show that emails with a personalised subject line are 26% more likely to be opened. By addressing the email directly to…

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The high ROI and customer acquisition from email marketing makes it the perfect method to grow your business

Email marketing holds a customer acquisition rate that is 40x more effective then either Facebook or Twitter can achieve. Despite the dominance of social media, email marketing still stands ahead. Matched with a high Return of Investment (ROI), sitting at US$1 spent generating $38, email marketing is incredibly useful for the growth of business, acquiring…

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Email marketing stands as the most popular digital marketing strategy for small businesses

Email marketing, closely followed by social media marketing, stand as the two main strategies to communicate with audiences and promote business, at 71.9% and 71.7% respectively. The statistics, from AWeber’s 2021 Digital Marketing Report, shows that for small businesses email marketing still remains the most popular choice, just ahead of social media. Landing pages and…

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2021 shows email marketing to outperform, as mobile devices become users go-to for accessing emails

Whilst many have said that email marketing is dead, it is in fact continuing to be a top performing channel for marketers. According to Litmus, every dollar (US) that brands invest in email marketing receives an ROI of $42 in return with 77% of marketers saying email is one of the two most effective marketing…

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Email marketing sees an increase in engagement as 2020 statistics show strong customer retention

The State of Email Marketing in 2020 report by Hubspot has shown email marketing to have had a strong 2020, with 78% of marketers seeing an increase in engagement in the last 12 months The statistics also showed a strong preference among millennials, with 73% preferring communications from business to be via email Email marketing…

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