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Powerful and effective, SMS marketing is built for e-commerce brands. Using high-converting mobile experiences to engage your audience, you can drive up your ROI. At DMX, we make it fast, easy and affordable, be it to engage directly with your customers or send a SMS marketing campaign.

What We Offer

With our online platform, you are able to send a wide variety of SMS marketing communications to all of your customers with a few clicks. Cost effective and a straight-forward method of communication, SMS Marketing can get your message to your audience quickly.

Our Toronto based platform offers a range of fantastic features that can help, from Branded SMS, 2-way SMS, Email to SMS and SMS Surveys, among others. As a versatile and useful solution, SMS Marketing can be highly successful in any industry. With a range of great features that can help in a multitude of ways, SMS Marketing can bring an effective and efficient text campaign that will help boost your business.

Get Success With SMS

At DMX, we work with small-to-medium businesses (SMB) to take text messaging and help fit it into their marketing strategies, building up the relationships between themselves and their audience, helping generate results.

Almost every person has a mobile phone, making text messaging one of the easiest ways to communicate and just as easy to advertise your business. For any small business owner, SMS marketing is a great way to efficiently and effectively advertise your business. Even if the target does not have the latest smartphone, it does not matter, just as long as they can receive SMS, then you can market to them and help make them aware of your business.

The Huge Potential of SMS Marketing

Whilst some businesses overlook SMS marketing in favour of other advertising channels, it can help your brand be more competitive and better connect with your audience as a direct, instant way to get information to them. As the message is sent directly via SMS, the person you are sending to will have some knowledge about your business already. From there, you can alert them to information about your services and products, instantly getting the message straight to them. The minute they open the text, they learn about your business. Simple as that.

Advantages that SMS Marketing Brings

More than just sending texts, text messaging marketing services are marketing solutions which can track results, improve customer services and engage your audience.

Text message marketing brings a range of benefits that can help your business, with the main one being that it brings a direct line to communicate with your customers. Other benefits include:

– Raises Customer Engagement Open Rate
– Cost-Effective
– High Open Rate
– Helps Complement a Larger Marketing Plan
– Mobile Method

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