Online grocery shopping expected to see continued growth and increase of sales

Online grocery sales for North America are expected to pass US114.9 million by 2026, with an expected annual growth ot nearly 20%. The research report, conducted by Facts and Factor Market Research, shows that online food shopping is expected to continue to draw in customers, with its convenience and larger selection of products. ‘Bread, bakery…

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Small businesses group up to form online markets to allow for better reach

Several online market stores have started recently as “digital localism” sees increased numbers turn to online shopping whilst also whisking to purchase from local brands Kitchener Market and St Lawrence Market in Toronto have both recently established themselves online with customers able to order from multiple vendors with sites such as Le Panier Bleu, Ma…

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Grocery chains continue to expand online shopping and delivery for 2021

Sobeys, Metro and Loblaws, who make up 60% of Canada’s supermarket industry have all announced further moves towards catering to online grocery shopping in 2021 Sarah Joyce, senior vice-president of ecommerce at Sobeys said “We are seeing growth rates today that we expected to see three or four years from now” Sobeys, who opened a…

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Ecommerce Marketing

Google to boost ‘nearby’ product inventory visibility with new shopping search options

  Google has announced that it is making nearby products easier to discover with new shopping UI features, such as a ‘nearby’ filter, and greater visibility of curbside and in-store pickup labels This comes after the company said that it had seen searches for “curbside pickup’ rise “tenfold” in the last few months Adobe’s Digital…

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Shopping in Mall

Sobeys launches cutting edge ecommerce facility as it capitalizes on online growth

  Sobeys has begun operations in its new 25,000ft facility that will see robotics used to fulfill orders. The company has been spurred forward by the rise in ecommerce grocery and the centre is the first of it’s kind in North America Michael Medline, President and CEO of Empire, Sobeys parent company, said that inspiration…

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