Retail ecommerce sales expected to reach CA$86.52 billion | DMX Marketing Experts

Retail ecommerce sales expected to reach CA$86.52 billion

Retail ecommerce sales in Canada for 2021 are forecast to reach over CA$85 billion, nearly double of the total for 2019, as the ease and convenience of online shopping continues to attract consumers. The statistics, which come from Intelligence Insider’s Canada Ecommerce Forecast report, show that many consumers are turning to mobile devices to make…

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Ecommerce sales in Canada nearly doubled between 2019 and end of 2020 | DMX Marketing Experts

Ecommerce sales in Canada nearly doubled between 2019 and end of 2020

Canada’s ecommerce market has seen massive growth in the last year, reaching 75%, making it the second-fastest-growing ecommerce in the world after Argentina. The total share of retail ecommerce sales went from 6.9% in 2019 to 12.7% last year, with it expected to increase to 13.4% in 2021 and rise to 17.2% by 2025. The…

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Online shopping has created a bigger change for how brands offer services, especially with food services

A recent report by JLL shows that Canada’s biggest retailers and the food industry have embraced delivery and pickup options with the growth of ecommerce. As online customer shopping habits have changed, looking for safer interactions and convenience, companies have changed to accommodate with the majority of Canada’s top 50 retailers now offering delivery services.…

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Attracting customers online seen as the major challenge for small businesses in ecommerce

Statistics from the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) show that small businesses see attracting customers as the main challenge to success online in 2021. This is as a third of all small businesses have moved to sell online, an increase of 152,000 new stores in the ecommerce market, with hospitality, retailers and arts and…

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Survey shows new Canadian businesses are looking to fill gaps in the market, see ecommerce as the way forward

 A survey of new Canadian business owners shows that many new small businesses have adapted their business strategy due to the pandemic, seeing gaps in the market that needed to be filled The statistics by Ownr show that 22% of those surveyed changed their business plan due to the impacts of the pandemic, with 26%…

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